Our Structure

Tamil Diaspora Alliance consists of seven sectors, that are listed below, and an Executive Committee, consisting of young leaders from the next generation of the Tamil Diaspora, who lead the team’s various missions. Each of the sectors have sketched their own plans and missions that follow the overall ideology of the Alliance. Each of the members of the Executive Committee oversee the planning and execution of action items and regularly discuss ways in which efficiency and productivity can be increased. The team also has a Board of Directors, consisting of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Tamil Diaspora Alliance also has a Legal Body, Advisory Council, Museum/Archives Department, and Treasury. All individuals and organizations that sign up to be part of the Alliance make up the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

Arjun Logeswaran


Shan Sundar


Gayatri Manokaran


Executive Committee

Chayan Shan

Prashanthy M. Sekaram

Sujan Selvan

Renuga Inpakumar

Kasduri Singham

Ragesh Nambiar

Abiramy Logeswaran

Sectors of Tamil Diaspora Alliance

Tamil Diaspora Alliance is led by an Executive Committee who oversees the seven sectors of the organization. These seven sectors include:


Tamil Heritage / Language / Culture


Finance Entrepreneurship


Empowerment / Education

Human Rights

Students / Sports


Law Firms Representing Tamil Diaspora Alliance

  • Chisholm Law Firm (Nonprofit Law & Trademark Law)
  • Andrew Jaffe, Attorney at Law (E-Commerce and Internet Law)
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) – Agent: weblaw101@aol.com

Web Architects & Webmasters

  • Shankar Kumar & Centative Technologies

Resources & Archives

  • Jeyavishni Francis Jeyaratnam
  • Simon Pierre Coftier

Sustainability, Climate Change & Environmental Protection

  • Anand Viswanathan

Social Media Manager

Ms. Akchaya Thavarajasingham

Deputy Director of Mission Council

Ms. Shathanah G

Special Events Coordinator

Ms. Vashe Sundar

Other Departments of the Alliance

  • Budget & Finance Committee

  • Legal Body

  • Resources/Archives/Database Management

  • Administrative Board

  • Corporate Partners

  • Non-Corporate Partners

  • Ad-Hoc Committees

  • Tech/IT Team

  • Organics, Sustainability, & Environmental Protection

  • Advisory Council

Individuals who guide the Alliance

  • Founding Members

People who came together to set the foundation of this team

  • General Assembly

All paid members of this network… All of you!

  • Friends of the Alliance

Members from other communities that support the mission/vision of the Alliance

  • Nominating Committee

Organizes/oversees the elections of the Alliance


To protect, promote and propagate Tamil language, culture, and traditions for many generations to come. Exploring new formats to pass on Tamil history and literature to future generations and collaborating with existing Tamil archives and repositories


Media to project the news from a Tamil perspective, whether in Tamil, Sinhala, English, or the regional languages. Unite as many media channels as possible under this concept while operating Alliance’s own media channel.


Finance/Entrepreneurship: to economically empower the people of the homeland by stimulating small businesses and encouraging the growth of entrepreneurship and cultivation of intellectual property. Supply aid to Thrift and Credit Cooperative Societies Unions (TCCS) in the North and East to sustain the agriculture, handlooms, and pottery sectors and promote land development, thereby preventing future land grabs. Promote the growth and development of Tech/IT infrastructure.


EMPOWERMENT/EDUCATION– to unite all of the non-profit/charitable organizations in the diaspora to coordinate funds and services in order to create a more efficient system of sending aid to the people of the homeland. With the rapid growth of technology that is increasing the gap between the rich and poor of our society, we wish to work village by village to decrease this gap.

To mentor/tutor students to pass higher-level academic/administrative exams in order to reach the top positions in their respective fields. To teach English and Information Technology (IT) subjects to the students who currently do not have access to teachers in their villages nor have access to the technology that their peers have in the cities. Coordinate scholarship awards to offer students a chance to earn advanced degrees in reputable international institutions. Create a smart room in every village school to connect students to the global classroom and open a smart training center to offer certificate courses in various fields and provide the less fortunate with access to the latest technology. Empower the farmers to continue their professions in the agriculture sector and prevent them from resettling to the cities by providing them with an initial capital to harvest their lands through the cooperative (co-op) setup.

Human Rights

Human Rights: to advocate for the protection and promotion of human rights for Tamils on the island. Seek justice for past human rights abuses that took place in Sri Lanka.

Students/Sports sector

Recruit, unite, and motivate the youth of the Tamil diaspora as they are the future torchbearers of this Tamil Nation. Empower and recognize the voice and actions of the youth and provide a platform for them to convene and identify their unique roots, language, history, culture and identity. Educate  to take on future projects.


Working at the grassroots level to bring in as many organizations, dance schools, music schools, places of worship, sports clubs, independent activists, artists, etc. under this umbrella concept to strengthen and protect the Tamil Diaspora identity. We are stronger together.

Our Current Focus

Tamil Diaspora Alliance

“The unity of today will breed the innovation of tomorrow.”
+1 (617) 798 0518
  • Connecting Tamil Diaspora organizations, businesses, individuals and families, in one strong international network to increase communication, resource distribution, and effectiveness in executing projects.
  • Offering the next generation of the Tamil Diaspora an opportunity to network, train, and take on future leadership.
  • Empowering farmers financially through a cooperative (co-op) setup via zero-interest loans, to protect the agriculture sector and prevent future resettlement.
  • Connecting students to the global classroom with technology and increasing access to IT/English courses so that they can compete on the world stage.
  • Increasing our presence in international media.
  • Fostering the collective identity that we are one strong Tamil nation, in an effort to rebuild, revitalize, and propel future generations to reach great heights across industries worldwide.

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